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Legends Classic Series Binions Las Vegas

I posted a trip report on twoplustwo so I’m going to just repost it here.

6/3 Headed to Vegas on Friday 6/6 to play the Binions Legends Classic. Hope the over 45 is a softer field than WSOP.


Anyone played Binions before? Hoping for 400+, have no idea if that’s realistic.

My hotel The Four Queens

My hotel The Four Queens

Suggestions for other MTT of $200-$350 buy in are appreciated.

6/8  Made it to LV, had some jet lag so went to bed without placing a bet, probably a violation of city ordinance but…..

Binions had the room set up in back with 17 tables, a few were in another room as day 1a clocked 277 runners? walkers?

JJ Liu was in the room fresh off a big score in Macua, TJ Cloutier was at the table behind me several other pros in attendance.

Started with 20k in chips and a great structure. Was chipping up, taking a few blinds from the button, playing a few premium hands. No need to get crazy early in the tourney.

Got AA cracked in level 5 and lost 1/2 the stack but still had 100+ bigs. 3 bet w/AKo right before the second break. Cbet a 9 8 2 board and the villian came over the top. Knew I was behind but I’m sorta commited. Called and she had a set of 8’s.

2925 left and I’m the big blind, 3 limpers I shove dark, figure I can play 1b on Sunday and go have dinner with some friends who are headed home Sunday. AKo calls, I have JJ. Doubled up.

Chipped up from there, got moved a few times in balances and breaking tables. Last table of the night had average stack, big stacks everywhere and they are banging heads like we’re in the money.

Ended day 1a with 105k, return to 1000 3000/6000. Might need to do some shoving right off the bat.

Overall, good structure, well run for the most part. Talking about hands and showing cards was going on at most of the tables.

Probably play Venetian today and formulate a game plan for Monday. Shove it first 4 hands w/ ATC?

Just shove it!

Just shove it!

6/9 Finished 23/641 for a whopping $565. What a crazy ride.

5th hand of the day I limp in for 6,000 w/ AA BB raises to 20k I reraise to 40, he shoves I call. Quick double up.

Was above avg to avg for the next 5 levels.

Now the cooler story. I have about 310,000 when the villain goes all in for 217k, I’m the BB w/ AK, he has KK…. oops. Next hand I’m the SB, folds around to me, I have QQ, so I shove. BB calls w/ KK. Now I have 9k left at 12k/24k w/ 3k ante. I shove my puny stack dark, get 1 caller I have KK, win that now I have about 85k.

Next hand I shove w/ AK, no callers. Next hand I shove again w/ KK, no callers. But now I have about 175k. Fold a few hands then shove K4s from the cu and the BB has AA.

So goes the Legends Classic! Time for a steak a few beers and pick a tourney for Tuesday.