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Hollywood Poker Open Columbus

After winning back to back seniors events in the HPO series I was very excited to play the Columbus Hollywood Poker Open Seniors for a try at a hat trick.

The schedule came out in early/mid April and had a seniors, PLO and woman’s events. Just like all the rest of the HPO Regionals.  About a week later I noticed the schedule had been changed. No Seniors. No Woman’s. No PLO.


I decided to make the 6 hour drive anyway and possibly win a seat for the HPO Main Event at the M Resort in Las Vegas.

The first event 5/16-17 was a 2 day $450 buy in.  331 runners competed over the 2 days. I made it until the second break.

Monday 5/19 was a $235 NLHE event that got 128 participants. We chopped the money 5 ways for $3749. I ended up 4th for the quest for the trophy.  I busted out when I called an all in with AKo vs A9o.  gray_donkey_ glasses little

Which ironically they had no trophies! Didn’t arrive in time. WTF?

Tuesday was another $235 and they paid 13. Finished 12th for a min cash.

Wednesday I played another $235, got schooled by local pro Shawn Cunix and bubbled. I was 4th on the leaderboard 4 points out of first and had decided if I cashed and got points I would continue to play.