Hollywood Poker Open Main Event 2014 S2


Thursday June 26th I leave for the HPO Main Event at the M Resort in Las Vegas. The $2500 buy in is the biggest yet for me.  I was staked to this event at a pretty bad percentage. Now I have to decide if I want to buy any more of my own action.

I’ve run really good in 3 of the Regional Events. Can it continue?

6/26/14 Leave today for Hollywood Poker Open. Got great airfare on Maru Airplane_catBought 40% of my action but busted out in level 10 late Friday night. AJo v 36CC. Flop J 4 5, I flopped top pair, villian had an open ender. My 8,000 bet couldn’t get him off and a 7 on the turn straightened him out.

I shoved the turn and he called.



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