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Borgata Poker Open Fall 2014

Just a few weeks until the final Borgata Poker Open for 2014.

borgata poker openYou can see the schedule here.

I booked a room for the 9th to the 12th. The Seniors will be my 4th one there this year, have a 3/137 in June and 11/297 in September. One more shot at the trophy!

No trophy, 11th again. Had a really good run at the Borgata Poker Open season this year, but no trophy.

Had James Woods at the table, great guy.


Hollywood Poker Open S3: Lawrenceburg In.

November 13-23

hollywood poker open

Hollywood Poker Open Season 3: Lawrenceburg Indiana. Click the link for the series schedule.

Of course they saved the best for last. it might be the only  event that really matters, event 28, the Seniors on November 23rd. Starts at 11 am, and is a $230 buy in.

Last event of the series is for the ladies, the cards will be in the air at 5 pm Sunday the 23rd.   $235 buy in and the great structure the HPO is known for.


Borgata Poker Open: Seniors Event

Coming off a 3rd place finish in the June event I really had a taste for that trophy. I was able to chip up early and was chip leader or close to it for most of the first half. I had over an average stack until average hit $404,000 in chips.

A combination of good cards and some good play was making a deep run seem possible.

The Borgata blog wrote another nice piece about one of my hands.

Sep 12 11:47 pm

Event 14: The McGovernator


Level 20 (Blinds 6,000/12,000/2,000)
Total Entries: 297
Players Remaining: 20
Chip Average: 222,750 (18.6 Big Blinds)

Tim McGovern

Tim McGovern

After Apostolos Sirinakis pushed all-in sitting UTG+1 on table 2, Tim McGovern decided to protect his big blind by making the call.

The hand started out as a race, but that didn’t last very long.

McGovern:    Sirinakis:


McGovern flopped a set and ended up making a full house, eliminating Sirinakis in 21st place.

It’s a shame, too, because we didn’t even get a chance to mention that David Apostolico and Apostolos Sirinakis were sitting side-by-side. Those might be common names in Athens, but not Atlantic City. We were really looking forward to some Apostles’ Creed puns. If we’re lucky, one of them will be sitting next to John Creed at some point between now and the end of the series.

The average chip stack is not much more than 200,000, but McGovern is close to 400k after the knockout.

Got it all in with 11 players left when my 99 got cracked on the river by A5s.

One more shot at a trophy in November!


Maryland Live Summer Series 2014


Headed south for the weekend of 7/11-13.  The Maryland Live Summer Series has a $300 Seniors on the 11th a $350 on the 12th and a $500 Double Black Chip Bounty the 13th.

This is my 97th tournament this year.



Played well and was chipping up nicely when I raised from the button with KJo.  Got 1 caller as the flop came K J 7. I bet the villian called.  A 8 on the turn got us all in as the villain revealed his set of 7s.

Played cash for a few hours and got back $200 of my buy in then went and checked in to the Ramada.

Headed back on Saturday for a $350 open event.

Borgota Poker Open Summer Seniors 2014

Woke up, got out of bed…… Surfing PokerAtlas and saw the Borgata Seniors is tomorrow. Quick check of my comps and I see I can get a free room, so off to AC.


So a day at relaxing by the pool and poker on Tuesday.


Chipped up early with some gig flops on the BB. Was chip leader for about the first 7 or 8 levels and had 3 to4x average for a lot of the tourney.



With about 35 left, out of 137 total I got moved to a table with a young man who was obviously not 50+. I doubt his mom was 50. Typical 20 something, multi-tabling on his tablet and raising constantly.

poker_helmetThe second young man was first out ITM for a min cash. Several people at the table rode him hard.  Why anyone enters an event they are not eligible for is beyond me. It disrespects the game and all the players. Karma will get even.

We got to the final table around 9 pm, 11 hours after the start. Played for 4 more hours before busting out 3rd for a pretty nice cash.


It was a tough final table with most of players having some great recent results.


Larry Ohalloran was coming off 3 straight victories according to the Hendon Mob

Sam Keyrouze won the event in November 2013.

You can read the play by play on the Borgata Blog.



Hollywood Poker Open Charlestown 2014

Coming off a trophy win at Penn National I was focused on the Seniors at Charlestown.  I had met Lee Childs at Penn National and was very interested in picking his brain about some obvious leaks in my game.

A google search revealed that Lee runs a coaching program called Inside The Minds.   Lee was offering a 1 day course the week before the Hollywood Poker Open so I signed up.  The class was a small group of 5 of us and revealed some great information and insight into plugging my leaks and capitalizing on situations.

I had chipped up early and was playing position and situation to my advantage when I shoved all in against 5 limpers from the button with a 47o. Oops, 2 callers and my stack was crushed.

I thought I was covered and got up and left the table. The floor ran me down in the lobby and said I still had chips. I returned to 2100 in chips, I was the big blind and the ante of 300 left me 100 short of the BB. I got 6 callers and won the hand. Folded my SB and shoved and won on the button against 2 callers. I had chips again.

From there I continued to grow my stack and got to the final table as chip leader.

Stack on right is average.

Stack on right is average.

Kept my stack in tact down to 5 players when the eventual runner up knocked out 3 players to take the chip lead. Head’s up went really quick. I turned up the aggro meter and he folded his way to 2nd place. me_cards_hpo



On to Columbus!

Hollywood Poker Open Penn National 2014

I was very excited about the HPO coming to Penn National. I play daily’s there 3-5 times per week and hoped to take down an event in my home poker room.

Played the first event, busted out early when my AKo ran into AA.   A K high flop got me in trouble. When the beating stoped i had bled off  a lot of chips.

On to my second event. The Seniors.  This is the one I was really shooting for and steady play and a favorable flop with KK v AA paved the way for a trophy.


Played the Bounty tournament for a 7th place cash and standing on the leaderboard.


The Hollywood Poker Open moved to St Louis which was a little to far to travel. However the next stop was Charlestown, only 1.5 hours away. I wanted another Seniors trophy.