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Hollywood Poker Open Columbus

After winning back to back seniors events in the HPO series I was very excited to play the Columbus Hollywood Poker Open Seniors for a try at a hat trick.

The schedule came out in early/mid April and had a seniors, PLO and woman’s events. Just like all the rest of the HPO Regionals.  About a week later I noticed the schedule had been changed. No Seniors. No Woman’s. No PLO.


I decided to make the 6 hour drive anyway and possibly win a seat for the HPO Main Event at the M Resort in Las Vegas.

The first event 5/16-17 was a 2 day $450 buy in.  331 runners competed over the 2 days. I made it until the second break.

Monday 5/19 was a $235 NLHE event that got 128 participants. We chopped the money 5 ways for $3749. I ended up 4th for the quest for the trophy.  I busted out when I called an all in with AKo vs A9o.  gray_donkey_ glasses little

Which ironically they had no trophies! Didn’t arrive in time. WTF?

Tuesday was another $235 and they paid 13. Finished 12th for a min cash.

Wednesday I played another $235, got schooled by local pro Shawn Cunix and bubbled. I was 4th on the leaderboard 4 points out of first and had decided if I cashed and got points I would continue to play.

Borgata Poker Open Spring Seniors 2014

I’m writing this several months after the fact and remember very little of the tournament. I had an uneventful tournament and went out pretty early.

Played 2 $140 daily’s for a min cash and a bubble.

Saw James Woods at the Seniors event and thought he must be in the area or be  a local. Wrong. Turns out he’s  a tournament grinder.


He has a little over $100,000 in cash’s and seems pretty active based on his Hendon Mob.

Hollywood Poker Open Charlestown 2014

Coming off a trophy win at Penn National I was focused on the Seniors at Charlestown.  I had met Lee Childs at Penn National and was very interested in picking his brain about some obvious leaks in my game.

A google search revealed that Lee runs a coaching program called Inside The Minds.   Lee was offering a 1 day course the week before the Hollywood Poker Open so I signed up.  The class was a small group of 5 of us and revealed some great information and insight into plugging my leaks and capitalizing on situations.

I had chipped up early and was playing position and situation to my advantage when I shoved all in against 5 limpers from the button with a 47o. Oops, 2 callers and my stack was crushed.

I thought I was covered and got up and left the table. The floor ran me down in the lobby and said I still had chips. I returned to 2100 in chips, I was the big blind and the ante of 300 left me 100 short of the BB. I got 6 callers and won the hand. Folded my SB and shoved and won on the button against 2 callers. I had chips again.

From there I continued to grow my stack and got to the final table as chip leader.

Stack on right is average.

Stack on right is average.

Kept my stack in tact down to 5 players when the eventual runner up knocked out 3 players to take the chip lead. Head’s up went really quick. I turned up the aggro meter and he folded his way to 2nd place. me_cards_hpo



On to Columbus!

Hollywood Poker Open Penn National 2014

I was very excited about the HPO coming to Penn National. I play daily’s there 3-5 times per week and hoped to take down an event in my home poker room.

Played the first event, busted out early when my AKo ran into AA.   A K high flop got me in trouble. When the beating stoped i had bled off  a lot of chips.

On to my second event. The Seniors.  This is the one I was really shooting for and steady play and a favorable flop with KK v AA paved the way for a trophy.


Played the Bounty tournament for a 7th place cash and standing on the leaderboard.


The Hollywood Poker Open moved to St Louis which was a little to far to travel. However the next stop was Charlestown, only 1.5 hours away. I wanted another Seniors trophy.